Franchise description

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In business circles, if you want to make your dreams come true, it’s not just being industrious,
a successful business has to start build up good ideas, carefully plan your business and also financial which will
support the improvement in a business. Besides, you have to think about the environment andarea which accommodate
the business, as well as behavior of targeted customer, to set their favorite menu.
These are all important to support business to improve and stable.


With Chokdee Dimsum’s franchise system,
you’ll be sure to take our way. Dimsum, Chinese snack served with tea or served as a light menu
before lunch and dinner, is a tradition that Chinese people do from generation to generation. Dimsum is a kind of snack
to make friend, because people would meet and talk in Dimsum restaurant with friends or business talk. But initially,
delicious Dimsum could be served only in big restaurant. With the desire that wanting to serve delicious and easy to find Dimsum to Thai people, Mr. Dheeraphop Siraprapathum has founded first Chokdee Restaurant at Bantadthong Road since 2000, to be first toserve new style of Dimsum in Bangkok. These are fresh Dimsum with healthy Buk kud teh which is secret recipe from family. Chokdee Restaurant has received warm welcome and has been widely known from every session of customer for freshness, cleanness and more than 60 menus. And distinctive point of Chokdee Restaurant is it open 24/7 to respond to all group of customer.




Chokdee Dimsum has developed to franchise system by government support, which is Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce in 2003. Chokdee restaurant has been selected to be in Franchise Business Development Training and established “Chokdee International Franchise Co.,Ltd” in the
same year. And start expanding in franchise system with freshness and consideration in every
step that make Chokdee Dimsum become more popular.



Chokdee Dimsum is Fast Casual Restaurant (FCR) which is equally international standard in every branches and
continuous develops to be in everyday life.


“Our Dimsum is made fresh by hand, with love right here in our kitchen.” Our Dimsum is a very special
recipe from central kitchen, strict into freshness and cleanness which is heathy from our experienced chef team,
who love to cook for our customer’s desire.



Chokdee Dimsum’s products are focused on quality ams freshness from central kitchen. Every recipe are entirely secret from our
experienced chefs only for our customer.



Dimsum specialist, more than 60 menus which are all special recipe.

Semi-self service, our customer could be a part to served themselves with their desired menu

Buk Kut Teh, our specially healthy recipe which is hard to find in Thailand

Price fits the quality
Open hour, 24 hours daily
Quality and taste, the same standard from central kitchen
Deliciousness equals to five stars hotel restaurant.



Right to use the name, style and logo of Chokdee Dimsum
Right to order inside products, materials and seasonings from company
Helping choose and select materials distributor
Guiding about design and decoration of a restaurant in Chokdee’s concept
Training the employees of franchisee
Lending manual of service, recipe, budget and beverage




Restaurant management system, reduce the risk and increase opputunity to success, easy for beginning.

Design and decoration in style of Chokdee Dimsum
Helping to find location for business
Product management, Restaurant management
Accounting and Finance mannagement
Continuously giving advice for business


Training Program

Chokdee Dimsum provide training center to advise business knowledge, product and others by our professional team. And make sure that business will be international standard in every branches for customer’s satisfaction.

Automation System

Managed by computer information system to control the product and restaurant management, orderly easy to check.

Marketing And Promotional Program

Marketing And Promotional Program, create brand by promote food’s visual. Having continuous promotional activities and Local store Marketing advice manual.

franchise business opportunities

 Worthy return value.


 A franchisee is not only an investor but also a manager for his own business by having advices from our company.


franchise qualifications

Good ambition, love to service, understand customer management

Enough investment budget, good finance status
Be mindful in business
Good personality, Good confidence
Ready to follow franchise’ instruction





What will be received after first investment?

  Decorated restaurant in Chokdee’s style
  Tool and equipment
  Restaurant’s name Label
  Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Program
  Employee training

Continuously support


Duration of decoration?


1.5 - 3 months before opening


Minimum order?


Not have. Suit to distribution


The company would help finding the location?




How much area size will suit the business?


Suiting area size is not less than 100 square meters.


The company would help finding employees?


Yes, If need. (Normally, Franchisee will find employees by himself)


Training duration?


1 Month at main office.


Step To Become Franchise

Step 1

Fill the franchise application form and send it to Franchise development manager

Step 2 

The company will consider the foundation quality and make an appointment to interview your intention.

Step 3

After the interview, company will give you the insights and some information you should know for business

Step 4 

 Signing Contract Process

Step 5 

Theoretical training at Training center and Practical training at a restaurant branch

Step 6

Advice for decoration and purchasing. And company will send a team to support the restaurant for 15 days after opening